Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Family Visit

A couple weeks ago, Donna's cousin & her family came to Florida from upstate NY for a Disney vacation. Initially we thought we'd meet up with them for a day at Disney but it turned out they were in town Valentine's Day week & that is yet another busy week at work for Donna so we made other arrangements to see them.

We met up with them at Donna's parents on the last day of their vacation. It was a bit of a short visit but packed with good memories. We plan/hope to make it back to NY for a visit this summer.

Pat, Donna's mom & dad & her cousin Janet 

The boys were absolutely smitten with this sweet lady & she obliged them by playing in the yard, riding scooters & collecting acorns with. They also have snowflakes hanging in their room that she made with them.

Towards the end of our visit, everyone snapped a few photos. 
Caden wanted in on the action & Aunt Janet let him use her camera.

Garren wanted in on the action too & also got a turn taking photos of Aunt Janet with her camera.


  1. Family visits are the best! And who could resist playing with those sweet boys? Why did I think you lived farther north in Florida? You are not close to Disney are you? We are there like 2 times a year, haha!

    1. We are further north than Disney but it's just a couple hours away & my step-mom lives there. If you travel I-95, you drive right by us. We are less than a mile off the highway ;)



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