Monday, March 21, 2016

T-Ball Opening Day/Ceremony

Opening Day was March 12th complete with opening ceremonies & a super early start to the day! The teams had to be on the field for photographing by 8:30 am. I was super excited for the season to start, the boys & their team have been practicing since the beginning of February. My bonus-mom came up for the weekend for the event & my sister & her family came to see the boys play their first game.

Garren picked #1, Kellan #2 & Caden #14, it just didn't seem right to have one way out of sequence so with some encouraging, Caden went with #3, lol

"RED SOX!!!"

Kellan, Garren & Caden

Every team from T-Ball to Seniors on the field together for a photo op. The kids stood on the field for over an hour listening to speeches, the National Anthem, thanking of sponsors & long & nearly painful photos. The photographer insisted on getting all 500 kids looking at the camera. kudos to him if he actually managed it because I can't get 3 kids to look at the same time, lol...

Our little team, minus 2 sick players. I think I forgot to mention that Donna was coaching the boys team. Their assistant teacher's husband is the team's manager & a couple other parents are helping out as assistant coaches.

A treat after standing still & quiet for so long... 
& right before our first game which was scheduled to start at 10:30 am.

Kellan up to bat...

and running to first!

Caden up to bat...

and running to first!

Caden running home.

I somehow missed Garren batting, my sister arrived late & I may have been moving our van to make room for her to park.

The boys played a team made up of all 6 year olds who have been playing for a year or 2 already. Our team is all first year players. They all did well despite feeling pressured to hit pitched balls like the older more experienced team. We did bring out the T for our team.
It's a learning process for all of us as first time managers/coaches/team moms but I'm certain we will have the hang of it all by the end of the season!

It ended up being an emotional morning for me. My dad was on my mind big time, he played & coached softball & also coached peewee football. He loved watching the kids play, even long after my sister & I were grown, he & my bonus-mom would go to high school football games & county baseball/softball games. I know he was there in spirit but I wish he could have been there in person to watch the boys play.

We all headed back to our house & cooked out after the game. My mom & bonus-dad came later in the day. They attended a memorial for my bonus-dad's brother, Jack, earlier that day.

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  1. The cuteness!!! Dear heavens the cuteness!!! And I love boston so their little hats and red socks are killing me. Goooo team!!!

    Sorry about your dad being heavy on your mind and heart. I get it. My mom always attended every peewee football, tball, softball, and any other sport event that my nieces and nephew played on. Her passing away when Little Monster was not yet a year old took away any chance of our son and daughter having her there to cheer her grandchildren I'm sure she (and your dad) would have done so happily.



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