Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reflux... Again

I feel like a horrible horrible mother having let this go on for so long.

Kellan started complaining about having a stomach ache probably in October. It was usually associated with something he didn't want to do... going to school, cleaning up, getting ready for bed & so on. He wasn't doubled over or exhibiting any symptoms so I just listened & watched. I started to think that he was suffering from anxiety, he was getting upset when he would complain about his stomach but it was still happening when something he didn't want was going on. I talked to Donna about talking to his doctor about it.

Then about 3 weeks ago, Kellan threw up kind of randomly. His teacher told me a stomach was going around at school, so I still didn't think much about it. Last week he woke up a couple hours after going to bed crying and complaining about hurting all over, then he threw up. He had a high fever that night so I thought that stomach bug had finally really gotten a hold of him or that he had the flu. Aside from a fever & lethargy he was fine the next day. Then a few days later he was sitting on the couch watching TV & said he needed a bowl to throw up in & you guessed it, he puked!

I called the doctor the next day & they had me bring him in after school. After talking to Kellan, finding out where his belly hurt, & examining him, she suspects that he has reflux... again. All 3 boys had reflux as infants, Kellan had it the worst & was over a year old before he was able to stop taking the medication. The doctor put him back on a prescription for reflux to see if it resolves his tummy trouble. We will follow up in a month to see if its helping.

On one hand I hope it's as simple as reflux but on the other hand, I hate that he has to take medication everyday for it. If it is in fact reflux, it explains some other things like why he wakes up through the night, his aversion to tomato sauce & the reason he only eats the crust & toppings off of pizza. We've already seen a slight improvement in his nervousness & irritability, thankfully!

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  1. Oh no! Poor fella! Reflux is not enjoyable at all. Boo had horrible reflux for the first year and I have wondered more than once if that is somehow related to her eating issues now. I hope the medication brings him some relief and that it is short lived.



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