Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kellan's Follow-Up Appt

Kellan had a follow-up appointment last week to see how the reflux medication was working. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help after all. He had about a week maybe of relief & then went back to complaining about his stomach hurting. The good news is, he hasn't had any vomiting since starting the medication so we are going to continue using it while having some tests run & eliminating the little bit of dairy he still eats, yogurt mostly & cheese occasionally.

The doctor ordered some blood tests (this ought to be fun) to rule out crohn's & colitis & to test for celiacs & some autoimmune diseases. She said crohn's & colitis are unlikely since he doesn't have diarrhea but she wanted to go ahead & rule it out while we were doing blood work.

So while we wait for our blood work results we're doing a trial of dairy free eating & hoping for an answer to Kellan's tummy troubles.

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