Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We celebrated Thanksgiving a couple days late, it was our year (we alternate) to celebrate with Donna's parents & my bonus mom but because Donna had to work Friday after Thanksgiving Day & we couldn't leave town we postponed it until Saturday.

On actual Thanksgiving Day I put a pot roast in the crock pot & we spent the day putting up the Christmas tree & just relaxing. Friday I scurried around doing last minute laundry, packing for the weekend & black friday shopping online. As soon as Donna got home from work we loaded everyone, including the pup pups & kitty cats, up & hit the road.

First thing Saturday morning Donna headed out to pick up an early Christmas gift for her parents. Their swing had broken & she found a beautiful one to replace it with. 

The gorgeous new swing!

Once Donna got back we all headed out to her parent's place for the day. Her mom made an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. My bonus mom brought her delicious sweet potatoes & I provided a green veggie & a side I knew the boys would eat (they are still kind of funny about trying new or different things) We had a great day of visiting, eating, watching a little football & letting the boys run wild!

Garren, Kellan, & Caden eating all of the olives before dinner makes it to the table.

Donna, Garren, Warren, Kellan, Marie, Caden, & Tina.

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