Wednesday, February 2, 2011

17 Week Check-up & Stroller Assembly

Everything went great at the doctors today. All 3 boys are doing well. They all have heart rates in the 150's, Baby A and Baby B weigh 7 ounces and Baby C weighs 8 ounces. The midwife also measured my belly today. It measures at 21 weeks, lol...
My blood pressure is still high, they are just watching it for now. The bottom number is what they are most concerned with and it is ok. I was negative for sugar & protein, so that is very good :) and my cervix still measures greater than 5cm, so no signs of preterm labor.

Now for what you all really want... photos...

Baby A's profile along with hand/fist above his head
and knees  coming from the top right

Baby C's Profile

Baby B's profile with his mouth open and a hand going
towards it and a knee /leg 

All 3 of their heads
All 3 of their bellies :)

Also this week Donna decided to get the stroller out of it's box and put it together. It was very entertaining to watch, especially since we have NO experience with carseats or strollers.

Here she is in the process and then of course modeling with her accomplishment, lol...

She did a very nice job setting it up, even
Haddie  wanted to go for a ride :)


  1. never mind the stroller - I love her slippers!!!!

  2. I was going to say something about her slippers but figured if I didn't point them out no one would notice, lol...

  3. Just want to get this right, the temperture is what?????? Gotta love the shorts.

  4. Nice Stroller and just to make sure Doona did a good job push the 4 legged babies around in it for awhile.
    Just teasing...Im so excited for you both xoxo
    Ohh and the babies look great! :)

  5. Love that the babies are all well! Donna you did a great assembly job on the stroller. Won't be long before your apt. is full! Everyone take care. xoxoxoxo Sandy

  6. Hell thats one stretch stroller!!!!!!!!! cute pictures!

  7. O WOW! That thing is a monster!! It looks so much bigger when someone is standing next to it! Good luck lugging that thing around!! FUN FUN!! So excited for you!!!

  8. The stroller only weighs 27lbs, so shouldn't be too hard to get it around :) It's just lllooonnnggg... but it has a steering wheel and the front wheels turn, so manuvering shouldn't be bad either :)

  9. Fantastic pics of the boys. They are getting sooo big sooo fast... I can't believe it.
    Good Show Donna!!!! Glad you figured it out. That thing is HUGE! It definately is the MONSTER MACHINE... good thing there is a steering
    Everyone stay warm and healthy.
    Luv to all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  10. Wow! That is one BUS of a stroller! Good job Donna!



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