Friday, December 4, 2015

Career Day, Nana's Birthday & Halloween!

Playing catch up again, I wrote this post but never got around to adding photos or posting... 

Oh & let's not forget it was also FL/GA Weekend... as in the college football rivalry game that cannot be missed. Of course Florida put a hurtin' on them Georgia Bulldogs! lol...

The village people, lol...

Kellan the race car driver

Caden the builder

Garren the firefighter

The boys school has Career Day instead of celebrating Halloween. It's Halloween really, with candy treats, spooky decor & all, I guess it was just their way of letting the religious kids dress up too. Garren wants to be a firefighter when he grows up so that is what he dressed as on "Career Day." Kellan wants to be a race car driver & Caden wants to be a builder. It was fun putting Caden & Kellan's outfits together although Kellan's had me stumped for a day or so. They were all so excited to show off their costumes at school & Kellan loved his so much he wore it ALL DAY & even wanted to wear it to bed, lol... They came home all sugared up & with a huge bucket of candy each (but not near as much candy as I sent into school)

Friday night we attended a block party & met some new neighbors. It reminded me of the neighborhood & families I grew up with. The boys made some new friends & had a great time & Donna & I actually got to enjoy some good ol' adult conversations.

Saturday was all about carving pumpkins (they don't last long here in the heat & humidity,) watching football, celebrating my mom's birthday & of course trick or treating.

The boys carved, but mostly stabbed their pumpkins with Nana & Papa. They were each very proud of their work & I discovered that our pups have a strong liking for pumpkin! Eason wouldn't even let me get the pumpkin cut open before he was trying to get at it. We watched the FL Gators put a hurtin' on the GA Bulldogs and had my parents, my sister & her family over for a birthday dinner to celebrate my mom & trick or treating.

I made a quadruple batch of chili for dinner & baked potatoes with all the fixins. Our family can put away some chili!!! My sister brought a delicious birthday cake for my mom from Publix (need I say more?! well maybe if you're not from the south, lol We had dinner, sang Happy Birthday, got our cake fix & then headed out into the night for trick or treating.

2 evil & 1 good minion :)

The trick or treat crew.

This was the boys first time trick or treating in not only a neighborhood but their very own neighborhood and it was spectacular!!! We loaded a stocked cooler in the wagon for some adult treats along the way. Our neighbors set up lawn chairs & some even had tables, towards the end of the driveways & handed out candy & other treats. Some people stayed inside & let the kids ring the doorbell. Garren & Caden along with their cousin Chandler & a couple of friends were so excited to run up & down the driveways & ring doorbells. Kellan was a little apprehensive about going up to doors & my niece Nadia was game for anything, especially with a sucker in her mouth along the way.  The boys loved seeing friends & neighbors dressed up & did their best Minion & Evil Minion impersonations. After about an hour & a half, Caden proclaimed that was enough trick or treating & he sat in the stroller my sister brought along for Nadia. Nadia was acting like a drunk teenaged girl by the end, she was so jacked up on sugar, she was singing made up songs & staggering through yards & driveways collecting more & more candy all while sucking on a lollipop.

It was really a great time & hopefully a tradition we will stick with every year, minus the sugar crazed toddler maybe, lol... :)

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  1. Great reviews about this Birthday & Halloween party!! The kiddos seem to have great fun during the party planning as well as arrangements. I am sure it was a blasting party. At some local Chicago venues I also threw a small family Halloween party. It was truly a great family event!!



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