Monday, November 10, 2014

24 Weeks In; Closed & Moved!

What a whirlwind week!

We got the call Tuesday that our paperwork was finally back & we were ready to close, woohoo!!!

Wednesday was another lets induce a panic attack day with a phone call saying we were missing a notarized signature on our last bank statement. What?! None of them had had to have signatures let alone notarized signatures??? Anyways it was 3:15pm & we had 45 minutes to get to the bank & get them to print, notarize & email the statement back. Everyone involved on both ends stayed late to get the job done so we were not delayed any further.

Thursday we got the call from the title company with the time of our closing & the final number for down payment & closing costs. We wired everything off & got zero sleep Thursday night in anticipation of finally closing.

My mom joined us Friday, we wanted the boys to be with us at closing but knew they would be a handful for us to tend to while signing a bagillion papers so my mom was there to help out :) We finally met our mortgage lady/new friend, Amanda in person at our closing. She came with her husband & baby just for the special occasion. It was really great to meet in person after all these months of phone calls! We headed to lunch after closing & then to the house to get the keys from Roger, the head contractor.  Then it was back to Brunswick for a whirlwind evening of vet appointments,  truck rental, packing up the last bits & another sleepless night anticipating the move.

I dropped the pups off at the groomer bright & early at 7am Saturday so that they wouldn't be in the way while we were moving. My BIL, Steven arrived at 7:30 & he & Donna left to get the truck. My mom & bonus dad arrived at 8 with donuts & coffee & our sweet sweet friend Pat came all the way from Tampa to help out. A little after 10 Donna & Steven arrived back with the truck & our stuff that had been in storage already loaded up. The groomer called saying pups were ready about that time & the mattress company called to say they would delivering our new bed in an hour, so I loaded up the boys, picked up the pups & arrived at the new house only moments after the bed people. It wasn't too long after we arrived that everyone else showed up with all of our belongings in tow. The boys proved to be a bit of a hendrance running up & down the ramp of the truck so i loaded them up once again & headed out for pizza.  By the time we got back the truck was unloaded & everyone was hungry! We spent the rest of the afternoon & evening unpacking. My mom put the whole kitchen together, we unpacked clothes & got them hung up & we got the bathrooms put together.

My parents stayed the night so we went back to work Sunday morning hanging ceiling fans, blinds, & TVs. My BIL came back to help & my sister, niece & nephew tagged along so we could sing happy birthday & eat some cake. Today is actually my sister's birthday.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do & more blinds & cieling fans to hang, not to mention painting & all the new furniture to arrive! Its been awesome seeing the boys run all over the house playing, I love the giggles & voices I hear from different rooms as they play.

I can't wait to share some photos of finished rooms with you so I better get back to work!


  1. congratulations!!! Can't wait for more photos!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, unpack and get some photos!!!

  3. I've been reading these updates since you first started them (yet not sure if I've ever commented?) but how exciting for you guys! What an achievement to finally be in. I'm with Amanda, can't wait to see those photos!
    Love from Australia x

    1. Thanks All & No Lara you've never commented. Thanks for reading my little piece of the internet & following along all the way from Australia. I will be posting more soon, including photos! As I'm sure you can imagine progress is a little slower than we'd like with 3 littles always 'helping' :)



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