Monday, November 3, 2014

23 Weeks In; Ready To Go!!!

Well we are ready to go but we are still waiting for our paperwork to come back, UGH!!! 

We had to give our apartment complex a 60 day notice that we were vacating the apartment. When we were given a closing date of Oct 15th in the beginning of September we got that notice in ASAP. We were to be out by Oct 31st. So last week we started to panic, not so much where we were going to stay but more what we were going to do with all our stuff?!? We had a small storage unit but it was full of what would normally be in a garage & the extras from our first house that we didn't have room for in our apartment. I inquired about a portable storage container but WOW are they expensive! We didn't really budget for a huge moving expense since we had anticipated just loading a truck & driving 45 minutes to our new home. We could store our stuff in my parents garage but that was an hour in the wrong direction, we really didn't want to move everything twice either but in the end we decided to rent a larger storage unit & just store everything there until we close. We packed up the apartment, moved our belonging from the smaller unit to the larger one & then got a phone call...
We could stay in our apartment until we closed, as long as it happened in the next week or so & of course we'd have to pay the rent. Well at least we won't have to move everything twice...hopefully!

make shift living room furniture

make shift dining room

It's been pretty interesting since everything is packed up. Since we had a closing date for October I sold or donated most of our furniture & scheduled pick ups according to our anticipated closing/moving dates. Now we are living it up on air mattresses, bean bag chairs, beach loungers & a kiddie table. Good times!!!

It's been a long time since Donna & I have packed ourselves. Our moves usually came with a job transfer & Donna's company always made the arrangements to have us packed & moved.
It's been interesting with 3 three and a half year olds to say the least. 

Packing boxes goes something like this: child - Why did you take that off the shelf? mommy - Because we need to pack it up to take to the new house. child - Why are you putting paper on it? mommy - So it doesn't break while we are moving. child - Why are we moving? mommy - Because we have a nice new house to live in with a backyard for you & your brothers. child - Why are you putting that in there? mommy - reapeats one of the previous statements. child - removes object form box & unwraps to inspect that it is still intact the same object. mommy - repacks same object at least twice. 

I've even gone back to rooms that were previously all packed up to find boxes knocked over, ripped open & contents removed, ugh... 3 year olds...

boys bedroom all packed up
You'd never know we cloth diapered, it looks like we have a lifetime supply of diaper boxes!

boys playroom all packed up

a sea of boxes in our bedroom

The reason for the temporary madness, or maybe I should post a photo of our mortgage broker Amanda, haha! just kidding Amanda ;)

I'm seriously ready to pitch a tent in the front yard, or back yard & camp out until we close. I don't think the neighbors would mind at all, lol


  1. The house is soooo beautiful! It's a dream come true, I'm sure so just hang in there. You'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in your new home before you know it. :)

  2. My mom worked in mortgage brokerage for years. It is for sure a hurry up and wait type of business! But, 1) awesome makeshift living room furniture, and 2) Thanksgiving will be WONDERFUL in that gorgeous house!!!

  3. Love it!! Go ahead and put those tents up and acclimate your neighbors to the noise now. Lol! Our neighbors ripped down their screen porch and put a glass enclosure up. Ha!



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