Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Thanksgiving To Be Thankful For

Just two and a half weeks after moving into our new house, we hosted Thanksgiving Dinner. My sister & her family came along with my mom & bonus dad & Donna's parents. It was such a treat to have everyone in our new home for a holiday! 

We started the day with the usual prep work & getting the bird in the oven. I can't even tell you how happy I was to be able to have 3 of us in the kitchen cooking & setting up for dinner without tripping over each other or being in each other's way. It's so wonderful to have an functional, open kitchen!

The boys, especially Caden, had been eyeing the gingerbread house kit Grandma brought all morning, so we let them frost & decorate it while we cooked.

Caden, Kellan, Garren

Donna's mom's lhasa/pug mix Chucky, he's an interesting mix & full of energy even at 10 years old

Dinner was amazing! Everyone chipped in, My mom brought a broccoli & cauliflower casserole, waldorf salad & a pumpkin cheesecake, along with the table dressing. My baby sister brought a yummy spinach dip for us to nibble on while smelling the delicious turkey cooking. Donna's mom proved the pies, my favorite pretzel salad & she cooked the big ol turkey. I made sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes & spinach & feta stuffed crescent rolls. Everything was so so good!!!
My bonus dad, my sister, brother in law, Donna's mom & dad, Donna & my mom

Donna's mom & dad & Donna

My brother in law Steven & Donna's mom

My mom, bonus dad, niece & sister

The kids table! Caden, Kellan, my nephew Chandler & Garren

After dinner the kids had energy to burn, it was cold, breezy & wet outside so we moved the furniture & set up the bounce house.

Garren & Chandler


Chandler & Garren

While the boys bounced & showed off for whoever would watch them, everyone else vegged in the family room, waiting out their food coma to have dessert.

Donna's dad, my bonus dad & mom holding Nadia, & my BIL

Donna's mom & dad & Donna

Steven, Autumn & Caden

Autumn & little Nadia wearing Aunt Da's hat

And the day wouldn't be complete if the boys didn't  get to eat their gingerbread house :)

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  1. That looks like a YUMMY gingerbread house!!!! More than one person in the kitchen...yes, that is my dream! I long for a day that I can cook without tripping over kids and stepping stools. That dinner sounds delish!!!



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