Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

I was hoping that we would be in our new neighborhood by Halloween & meeting many of our new neighbors while Trick or Treating with the boys but that wasn't the case this year so we came up with plan B. we thought we'd be staying with my parents as we were suppose to be out of apartment by the 31st so my mom inquired about festivities in their town & even though we didn't end up staying with them we spend the evening with them anyways.

Their town was hosting a Halloween Festival at the Rec Center. We headed their after dinner & it seemed that is where every kid in town was! They had a petting zoo, hotdogs for the kids, bounce houses & big slides & much more but the lines were long & thes don't have much practice at standing in line so they made it around to pet some goats & bunnies & slid down a big bounce house slide (twice because they were faster than the men at the bottom grabbing kids & putting them out, lol) & we decided to hit up a few houses that surrounded the Rec Center for some Trick or Treating :)

Woody & Buzz doing coloring bird houses :)

Woody 2 & Buzz watching a video :)

Caden & Kellan very quickly decided what they wanted to be for Halloween this year, they never waivered once other than to try each other's Buzz Lightyear & Woody costumes. Garren on the other hand started out wanting to be Jessie, then Bullseye. I was happy because they sort of chose a theme on their own. Well then Garren wanted to be Barbie, then Santa. The saga went on even after we went & picked out costumes in the store. There were so many sparkly costumes to distract them that at one point they all wanted some sort of princess costume. Garren finally decided he wanted to be  T-Rex & of course I couldn't find a dinosaur costume to save my soul. That was ok though because he also wanted to be Woody, so we left the store with 2 Woody costumes & a Buzz Lightyear only to find a dinosaur costume a week later that Garren insisted he wanted to be. 
Anyways, the oys wore their costumes all month long & loved being their characters, calling each other by Buzz, Woody & Rex. By Halloween night they were pros & we set out with 2 Woodys & Buzz. Poor T-Rex was left home.

The boys visiting their first ever house for Trick or Treating

The boys had a blast & it was really fun to see now that they really get what's going on!

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