Thursday, September 18, 2014

Soccer Moms At Last!

This past Saturday the boys finally started Soccer. I have anxiously awaited this day since we found out we were expecting 3 boys!!! So it's official, we are Soccer moms!!! Lol

The boys have soccer balls at home & they have always liked kicking them around. We hoped & prayed that they would actually like the game. It's pretty evident that Garren does but may take another week or 2 before we know for sure if the other 2 boys do. :)

Nana & Papa came along to the boys forst practice & game. The U4 (soccer tots) teams practice & play on the same day. It's convenient but I wish they went a couple times a week just for more to do.

The team is great, just 6 kids per team & they play 3 at a time. The boys team is called The Wiley Coyotes. The coach & his wife were great & the other parents were very friendly.

Garren & Kellan with Nana

#2 Kellan

Garren & Kellan with MomMom waiting their turn for practice kicking

Caden wasn't feeling it Saturday which actually leads to a funny story...
Caden didn't want to play, he just wanted a bottle of water, we obliged & he sat on the bench watching his brothers & team mates practice. We hoped that by game time he would be over whatever was bothering him & he would want to play but by game time he was asking to go home. When we couldn't leave he broke into tears. My mom tried taking him to the car to see if cooling off would help, when he calmed down they came back to the field. He started crying again & now Kellan was getting upset. He wouldn't say what was wrong, we asked the typical questions, potty? Poop? Stomach ache? He answered no to them all. My mom & bonus dad took Kellan & Caden for a walk while Garren finished out the game. Everyone seemed fine when we headed out so we headed down to see the new house & then for some lunch. All 3 boys fell asleep in the car. They woke up in time to eat but Caden didn't want anything, he sat at the table for a little bit & then started asking to go home again. He did this a few weeks ago before he barfed all over the van so I was afraid he was feeling sick. After lunch we decided it was best to take him home & forego the birthday party had planned to attend. He fussed on & off all the way home bit still wouldn't say what was wrong. When we finally got home he started gripping his stomach & bottom, I stripped him down & he immediately when to the bathroom. 
He just needed to poop!!!


Coach, his wife, Kellan & #1 Garren

Garren in the game

Garren again

Nana & Papa taking Caden & Kellan for a walk

Did I mention the soccer field is on Jekyll Island right next to the beach? :)


  1. I am not sure if it is a "gay thing" or what, but becoming a suburban soccer mom came as a surprise to me. I love it, but it STILL surprises me to be able to say it, lol.

    I can relate to cranky moody kids with pooping problems so I feel for you! Sheesh. Haha!

    Finally, is it a bit cliche that I was somewhat bummed when I saw the pic that had the girl with pink pants on in it and noticed she was wearing #3 and I promptly was bummed that your boys were not #1, #2, and #3 respectively?

    1. I was sort of hoping for consecutive numbers even if they weren't 1, 2 & 3 but it's really not a big deal I guess. I actually need to switch their numbers up because #2 is a size smaller & would fit Garren much better :)



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