Friday, September 12, 2014

They NEVER Stop Talking!!!

I just wanted to share a little speech therapy update since it has been a while. There really isn't a whole lot to say other than it is going really really well with the new therapist at the Children's Hospital. Our 2 non expressive boys are Chatty Cathy's now. They talk to just about anyone, including all other children they come in contact with, telling them their name, asking them how they are or what they're doing. They talk in full sentences & use very descriptive words as of recent, ie, the big red Popsicle is cold. I love that they still use a lot of sign language too along with their words, the fore mentioned phrase is usually accompanied by the signs for red & cold, sometimes big but that's usually just Garren's sign. 

The boys primarily work on articulation in therapy now. They are still hard to understand sometimes and will need oral stimulation starting soon just to get them using all parts of their mouth, tongue & throat when talking, Kellan primarily sometimes doesn't use much jaw movement sometimes when he talks. They still use their own language a lot when talking to each other.

Garren quit participating for a while and was almost discharged because of it. The hospital hired on a few new therapists thought & we decided to try him with someone new before giving up completely. Anyone that knows him personally, knows he doesn't 'need' speech therapy but insurance approved him so he's been going along for the ride. Most of the time I wish we could turn his talking off, lol... Unless he is asleep he is usually chewing your ear off!!!

So that's it really, we just keep plugging along. I admit speech day isn't my favorite day of the week but we get it done. We will continue to bring the boys up here through the end of the year after we move but will get a referral to someone closer to home after the first of the year if they still need it. I think Caden & Kellan probably will but Garren will most likely be discharged before we even finish out the year.

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  1. I've been following your posts on Feedly which makes it not so easy to comment. Just wanted to say hi and WOW they're so big!! Glad things are going well with the new speech therapist :)



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