Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Boys Are Paid Off!!!

It's been sort of a joke in our family that the boys would be "paid off" this year. Like many people who struggle to get pregnant & go through fertility treatments, we spent a lot of money trying to get pregnant! More money than we had!

On top of that Donna's company was making cutbacks to keep from laying people off during the recession. That meant a considerable pay cut for her and being relocated, as the company cut down on replacing managers who retired & the number of managers per station.


Long story short, we took out a loan from her 401k to pay the bills we had racked up trying to get pregnant, lessening our monthly payment & enabling us to move & prepare for 3 little bundles of joy. My sister joked once asking if the boys could be repossessed if we missed a payment, lol...

Well the loan is finally paid in full, woohoo!!! Not that we will have any extra cash hanging around, the money will now just go towards insurance coverage for the boys & I (holy expensiveness but hooray for finally offering benefits to same sex couples & families!!!) Donna will start contributing to her 401k again. It is nice knowing that chapter of our lives is paid in full though & we have no debt hanging over our heads, well except the usual, car payments & soon to be mortgage. :)

It's a good thing they are cute & so funny 
otherwise we may have had to call the repo-man, lol


  1. Hooray for paying off the boys! We felt the same when we paid the last of Gracie's surgery bills. Such an amazing feeling! It sounds like life is treating you all pretty great these days. That's awesome. :)



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