Thursday, April 3, 2014

When It Rains...

We've all heard the cliche saying "When it rains it pours." The past few weeks have been really hard grieving the loss of my dad & dealing with life in general but last week was the torrential downpour to my already dreary rain.

Last Monday our oldest pup Haddie had a couple accidents in the house. It was very out of character for her but tra the traveling & being away from home I thought (hoped really) that she was just upset. Tuesday she had another accident in the house but this time her urine was followed by bright red blood so I called the vet & Donna took her in that afternoon. She was there a while & had all kinds if tests run, turns out she had kidney stones, several really large ones & needed surgery ASAP. We took her back the next morning for surgery & had a pretty pathetic pup in our hands for several days.

Haddie just home from surgery

Eason was so worried about his big sister!

The girl a few days post-op

The week before my dad passed, we got a call from the property manager letting us know a 3 bedroom apartment was coming available. There was a waiting list when we moved in which is why we took a 2 bedroom so we decided to go ahead & take it. We spent the weekend moving out of our old place & into the new, so much fun with 3 toddlers in tow!

C, G & K taking a moving break

A couple of weeks ago Donnas dad went to the doctor for some back pain & blood in his urine. He had an ultrasound & the doctor saw what he believed to be a tumor in his bladder. Tuesday he had surgery to remove it, the doctor is pretty certain it's cancer so he sent it off to pathology to be tested & now we wait for those results.

Thoughts & prayers would be greatly appreciated by all of us right now! 


  1. Oh man! I'm so sorry for all your bad news!

    My mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer awhile back. It's a very aggressive form so she had chemo, surgery (with many complications) and then more chemo... but she's doing well so far! She only finished the last round of chemo a month or so ago, so time will tell.

    Wishing the best for all of you! What will you do with the third bedroom???

    1. Wow! I hope they got it all for your mom! My father in law is 83, I'm not sure they will put him through chemo or that he will do it? It was a dime size tumor, so hopefully they got it all & he won't have to endure anymore. He had a small complication in his surgery but it seems to have cleared up so not worth mentioning.

      The third bedroom??? Lol... It is now a playroom & contains all I the boys toys instead if them being all over the living & dining room :)

  2. Prayers for you and your family. Hope April is a much better month for all of you.
    Congrats on the bigger place, a play room for toys is so nice, leave the mess and close the door.:)
    I will be off to Katie's on the 23rd, staying a month, get to experience the three plus one!



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