Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Milk & Cereal

While we were all at my parents house in Florida last month the boys discovered eating cereal with milk on it, opposed to just eating dry cereal which is what they had done up until then.

Their cousin Aliyah was eating her cereal that way, so of course the boys had to try it out and they have been eating it that way every since, slurping the milk & all! The boys love it so much they ask for "milk & cereal" for just about every meal & snack time too.

Kellan, Caden
Garren, Caden 


  1. I haven't been brave enough to give Grace cereal with milk to eat on her own yet. Maybe I'll try it this weekend! Did any of the boys dump their bowl? I think that's what I'm afraid Grace will do, lol!

    1. None of the boys dumped theirs, we have had one shove a bowl off the table because he was mad but that's another story. They are actually neater with a bowl of cereal with milk than they were with a cup of dry cereal (I think the dogs ate more of that than the boys did) Good luck this weekend if you decide to go for it! :)



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