Thursday, April 17, 2014

Friday Fun!

On Friday mornings the boys have speech therapy.

{Did I ever mention that somehow Garren got approved for speech therapy too? The speech therapist doesn't even really know how the insurance approved him with his evaluation score but they did, we're already there & it can't hurt, so he's been getting in on the action too.}

So Fridays are speech day & since we have started speech at the new place my mom has been coming out every couple weeks & hanging out with us. It's been pretty fun, we have lunch & then hit up some poor unsuspecting store with the boys, like Joann's where I can never take the boys by myself without them dismantling the store. 

This past Friday my mom treated us to lunch at a place we hadn't been to yet. We set up the boys at a table & looked over the menu. My mom went to place the order, while she was at the counter ordering the boys got super excited & started calling for her across the restaurant, 3 boys yelling "GRANDMA..." at the top of their lungs, lol... We were only the second people to arrive for lunch so the restaurant wasn't full but all the employees & the elderly couple there thought is was hilarious, so did the boys! 

I think, or at least I hope Grandma felt a little extra special & not too embarrassed by all the attention :)

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