Thursday, January 30, 2014

Adios, See You Later, Sayonara!!!

Goodbye January, good riddens!

I don't even know how many viruses we've had in this house in the past 4 weeks but I'm ready for a healthy family!!! I'm ready for some warmer weather too!

C in the wee hours of the morning

We are currently wrapping up the month with 4 of the 5 of us having the stomach flu. Garren Came down with it sunday night right after going to bed, 4 hours later is little tummy had to have been completely empty & he asked to go back to his bed? I honestly though he just had too much cake & potato chips over the weekend but Caden woke up vomiting yesterday morning at about 1am, he unfortunately had a more prolonged case of it & just as he seemed o be settling Kellan started puking. Meanwhile Donna came home from work sick & spent the day in bed. I'm praying I do not get it but the good news is, if I do, everyone else has already had it & I shouldn't have to chase vomiting toddlers while hovering a trash can myself.


  1. Poor kiddos! I completely feel your pain. The Bean has had a horrible cough for weeks and after growing sick of giving her honey, warm drinks and using the humidifier (per the suggestion of our ped.) with no improvement, we took her back in yesterday. She now has medicine so hopefully it helps. It's so hard to see your little ones uncomfortable and feverish and as much as I LOVE the fall and winter – like you, I'm so ready for the summer!

    I would recommend you start taking Airborne… lots and lots of Airborne. That stuff is amazing!

    1. Do you use the kids airborne? I just amped up the boys vitamins as of right now but have been considering getting airborne for when we travel just to help ward off whatever we may come across along the way :)



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