Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rough Start

We have had a rough start to our new year. All 5 of us have been sick. We apparently picked something up in Florida over New Years and it has had it's way with us all. Luckily only Kellan needed antibiotics for an ear infection but we've all been loaded up on Benadryl, cough medicines & ibuprofen/Tylenol for over a week now.

Kellan & Caden 

Sleeping on the couch never happens around here but Kellan was out seconds after this photo, I was trying to get him dressed to go to the doctor

Another sofa sleeper, Garren just curled up & passed out one morning, they usually never slow down long enough for this to happen & have only ever fallen to sleep in their beds.

On top of being sick the weather has been crazy! It got super cold (well for us in South GA / Florida. & it has rained all but 2 days I think, making getting outside for fresh non-contaminated air pretty much impossible. We did however make it out to the park Saturday afternoon for a walk (that's run in toddlerland) & I think we are finally starting to feel better.

Eskimo Kellan heading to the doctor

Kellan, Garren, & Caden, checking out the ducks on our walk.

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