Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Double Birthday Weekend

Two weeks ago I had a party planned for Donna's big 50th birthday down at our parents in FL. One of her best friends was flying in as a surprise & we had a fun night out planned in addition to the party.

Well the Wednesday before the boys had taken a turn south & were sick again, so Thursday we decided the responsible parent thing to do was to cancel our trip & the party :(
At that point I had to spill the beans about Cheryl flying in & I had to break the news to Cheryl so she could change/cancel her flight. It was a big let down for everyone but the right thing to do for the boys.

Donna just happened to have an audit in Orlando this past Friday, since the boys were feeling better & had a good check-up with their doctor we decided we'd make a weekend of it & celebrate not only Donnas birthday but her dads too.

Garren, Kellan & Caden tucked in at grandma & paw paws (as Kellan has started calling him)

I couldn't get everyone together again for a big birthday party for donna but instead we celebrated Donna & her dads birthdays together with a little cook-out at her parents house with my parents & of course the boys.

Mom mom, Garren & Kellan keeping an eye on the hamburgers & hot dogs

Cake faces; Caden, Garren & Kellan

Lookin' good at 83 & Donna showing off her new shirt 

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