Saturday, September 29, 2012

17 Months

Holy Cow...

Our babies are almost 1 1/2 years old!!!

It's been a crazy busy month with a few "firsts" I wasn't counting on. Starting with Kellan's stitches & ending with a call to Poison Control. In between the boys were really sick & had a visit to Urgent Care.
We have also had a lot of fun this month, we've met a few new friends & the boys got to play on a couple new playgrounds & with lots of cute girls... & a couple boys too ;)

Kellan, stitch removal day

 Garren having some playground fun
 Garren & Caden swingin'
Caden swinging, what's better than a playground on the water?

Having 3 walking running babies has proven to be loads of fun. The boys play tricky little games with us now, like walking up to us when we call them only to turn & run when we reach for them. They love to chase each other & be chased. They also like to take us by the hand & lead us around. All 3 know where to go when we say its nap time or time to go night night & they head to their bedroom. They also go to the dining room table when I ask if they are hungry or say it's time to eat. It's so cute to watch them all walk together!!!

Caden playing peek~a~boo in the coffee table

The boys LOVE to dance & our little climbing monkey, Garren, likes to do his dancing on top of the coffee table, which is quite hysterical! He gets up there, says "dah dah dah" (dance dance dance) & bounces around while stomping his feet. Caden will dance standing or sitting & Kellan likes to shake his booty. Kellan is especially funny when he leans forward to hold onto something & shakes what his mama gave him, which reminds me, they love to dance naked too :D
No more "alpix" (velcro) diapers for Kellan!!!

Cutting molars & eating are quite the challenges, not to mention the lack of eating being ill caused. Everyone I know that has a toddler says they are very temperamental when it comes to eating. What they like one day they hate the next, what they hated is now their favorite & it goes on & on & on... Add in that Kellan will eat as long as there is food in front of him, Garren won't eat much at all & Caden will only eat what he is in the mood for & you're stumped on how much they should be eating & if they are getting full enough or too full & are they getting all the nutrients they need :-/
If they don't want what is in front of them it becomes very obvious very quickly. Garren will throw it & Caden & Kellan will start dropping it on the floor. The dogs are getting fat but loving every moment of it!!!

As far as talking & signing, well, they will repeat just about anything you say & I can't keep up with all the different things each one of them signs now. I really need to spend a few days (before their 18 month check up) & write down who says & signs what. They still talk to each other A LOT in their lanuguage.

Garren showing some Tampa Bay Buccaneer love :o)

Their weights varied at their sick visit to Urgent Care. Garren weighed in at 23.4 pounds,
Caden at 26.4 &
Kellan at 27.8.
I feel like they all lost a little from being sick & not eating but I think they are finally getting their appitites back & I can't wait to get all their measurements next month!!!

A self portrait by Caden

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