Monday, September 24, 2012

Misery Loves Company...

Because one sick baby at a time isn't enough...

Caden woke up Wednesday morning with a 102.4 fever. Garren & Kellan seemed fine but I gave everyone a dose of ibuprofen with breakfast just to be safe.

Garren in the only place he was content outside of my or his mommy's arms.

By lunchtime all 3 boys had fevers ranging from K at 101 to G with 102.4 & C at 103.6.

Eason keeping a close eye on Kellan

We are in the midst of switching from the Pediatrician we used in NC & the one we used while staying at my parents to one here, but the one here is waiting on all the boys' records & won't see them until they have them, not even for a sick visit :( So we took the boys to Urgent Care. They said that the boys just had a virus with very red swollen throats.
{the boys current weights were; G 23.4lbs, C 26.4lbs, & K 27.8lbs}

Caden, Garren, Mommy & Kellan

Over the course of the next few days we fought their fevers & sore throats. They weren't sleeping well & were crying constantly & just wanting to be held. Garren quit eating anything solid at all but was drinking plenty of milk. Caden & Kellan didn't eat much but did manage to nibble a lit bit from each meal & snack. 

Kellan, Garren & Caden
On Saturday I started giving Garren 2 pediasures a day & the other boys just one close to bedtime. 
Garren seemed to instantly start feeling better & all 3 finally took good naps & slept all night.

Caden & Kellan
Sunday they all woke up with rashes, Caden & Kellans rashes were blistering up :( I was going to take them back to Urgent Care but I missed their short Sunday hours & was forced to wait until today. This morning though, all their rashes were gone & the blisters were dried up.


I don't think the boys have even been this sick. They don't have colds or anything, but they have never expressed feeling so bad, had fevers for so long, or stopped eating before. They aren't back to eating like themselves yet but I'm sure in a day or so they will be. I'm so glad they are feeling better & hope we don't have to experience anything like this again anytime soon! 


  1. Poor little guys! Grace has yet to get sick but she currently has a terrible diaper rash. It breaks my heart so I can't imagine how you must feel with 3 sick kiddos. I'm glad to hear that they're feeling better. :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Have you tried Triple Paste for her diaper rash? I cloth diaper so I don't use a lot of creams, I have found that medicated powder works really well for my boys (like gold bond, but I use the target brand) baking soda in the bath is suppose to help too. I hope she feels better soon, I hate diaper rash!!!

    2. Thanks for the pointers! Her little bum has gotten much better in the past few days, thankfully. We use cloth diapers as well but following her first couple of days eating oatmeal she got backed up and then got the runs for days, which caused the rash... All is well now. Surprisingly vasoline did the trick.

  2. I'm glad they are feeling better, that's so rough when they're sick. I just feel so bad for them. Hoping it's a long time before a repeat!

  3. sounds like Hand Foot and Mouth. Poor dudes :(

    1. That is what I thought too ;) So glad they are over it & most likely won't get it again!



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