Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Feet!!!

All the boys' shoes were getting to be small on them. They were all just starting to walk so I didn't worry about it right away since it is better for them to learn to walk in their bare feet. Donna & I had already planned to get them good walking shoes once they started to walk. Well we've been looking now for a couple weeks but it seemed the boys feet were now too big for most flexible sole shoes :( I couldn't find anything that fit & was running out of stores here to look at.

{these photos from my phone are really bad, but the boys were kind of crazy walking around trying on shoes & DID NOT want to get back in the wagon!!!}
Donna took friday afternoon off so we decided to head to Jacksonville to Stride Rite & get the boys fitted. Well there was a good reason we couldn't find shoes that fit, their feet had grown 3 full sizes & not many brands make walking shoes that big. Good thing we were at Stride Rite!

F. to B. Caden, Garren, Kellan & our sweet sales woman, Nicole

We had to head across Jax to another mall to get their exact sizes but left Jacksonville with 3 boys in 3 pairs of size 6M, 6M & 6W walking shoes. All 3 boys measured 6 Wide, but the shoes we went with felt a little too wide for Garren & Caden. The old fashioned white walking shoes are still option, but we decided to go with something a little cooler :o)

When we got home we decided to let the boys walk to the apartment from the parking lot in their new shoes...

They did great but Kellan had to stop & sit in the grass for a minute :o) This definetly won't be happening when I'm by myself with the boys!!!

Here are a few more photos of the boys in their new shoes...

{it has been decided, it is time for his first haircut!}
I think it is funny how different their clothes look now that they're upright & walking most of the time :o)

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