Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Vacation Home

Our vacation started out great... Donna got off work early (9am) on friday, New Years Eve & we made a mad dash for Florida. My sister, brother in law & nephew were waiting for us at my dads. We were so excited to go to our old neighbors/friends that were having a New Years Eve party... to tell everyone our great news. Unfortunately when we got there we found out that everyone already knew... one of our friends (Karin) couldn't keep it to herself so the whole neighborhood knew. Oh except one guy we didn't know, but met that night, at least he was shocked to find out we were having triplets :) We didn't stay for the party, we were exhausted from the drive & our family was waiting for us back at my dads house. We did manage to stay up to ring in the new year, but we all crashed after that :)

Saturday, I dragged the whole family to Babies R Us. My sister (who has an almost 6 month old) has been telling me things I need, things I don't, things to get a whole bunch of... so I decided she should help me start getting registered. We don't know the sexes yet, but registered for items that we knew we wanted gender neutral or were not gender specific anyways (pack & plays, high chairs, DIAPERS, breast pump) We got a good start, but the babies were hungry so we had to stop and go eat :) We spent the rest of the day buying last minute Christmas gifts. When we got to my dads we all figured out that we had gotten my dad and Marie stuff that they already got, so we had to do some quick exchanging.

Sunday we celebrated Christmas with my dad & Marie, Donna's parents, Cheryl & of course my sister & family. We had such a good time and it was just like Christmas day, minus the turkey, they had pork roast instead (meat is not my friend these days, so I didn't have any) I had mashed potatoes, veggies and my all time favorite from Marie... cherry jello with real cherries in it. I tease her all the time for serving jello with meals, but I miss it when she doesn't have it :) We all exchanged gifts, the best was the gag gift I made for my father in law. He's always got something smart to say... we were at lunch one day and Tina, Donna's mom asked how my Just Hookin' store was doing, so I was telling her about some of the orders I had. Donna's dad asks Donna if I had any requests for "peter warmers" I didn't hear about it until we got home, when Donna told me. So I decided to make him one for Christmas, LMAO!!! I even put a pom pom on the tip :) Everyone loved it & then we gave him his real gift. I think everyone got what they wanted... I got WARM maternity shirts & money to get more, which I desperately needed. I have been wearing my jeans with rubber bands holding them up and my regular shirts aren't covering my belly anymore :) The babies made out too with a piggy bank already full of money :)
Donna left with her parents after the festivities & Autumn & her family left shortly after them. I spent the rest of the afternoon napping and hanging out with my dad & Marie.

Monday, my dad & Marie took me shopping. We went to get more MATERNITY clothes & then went to lunch before Marie had to go to work. Boy are maternity pants comfy!! So nice not to have to rubber band my jeans or have the zipper digging into my abdomen.

Tuesday... well Tuesday I woke up to a scary situation! I woke up bleeding! I had to get Marie up and have her take me to the hospital. Donna was still at her parents an hour and a half from my dads house & I really didn't want to freak her out... I did call & tell her, but told her not to come until we knew what  the problem was. I wasn't in any pain & had no cramping... We got to Winnie Palmer Hospital & they took me right in. I forgot to tell them I was pregnant with triplets at first, but once I did, I got the head doctor... He did an internal & external ultrasound, all the babies are fine, turned out a small part of one of the placentas tore a little (placental abruption). The doctor said it should take care of itself, and even though bleeding of any kind adds risk to the pregnancy, it was unlikely that it would cause anymore problems. The doctor at Winnie Palmer and my doctor here basically said the same things and that it is actually pretty common during this time of pregnancy & that I needed to just rest until my next doctors appt. The bleeding has since stopped & I go to see my doctor Thursday as long as I have no problems before then.
Unfortunately this incident stopped us from seeing everyone we had planned to see... Amanda, Pat, Aunt Buffy & family, Becky, Greta, Beth, my mom, etc... & we ended up coming home early, just in case there were any further problems... I preferred to be with my own doctors.

So Wednesday Donna took me out to her parents with her and I rested Wednesday & Thursday while she finished helping her parents with some things. Thursday night we went back to my dads. We got to see my step sister & brother in law & their 2 boys, I can't believe how fast the kids are growing?!?!

Friday we came home. I think we were both pretty tired, I was absolutely exhausted!! I will continue to rest this weekend & call my doctor to see if I can get in a little earlier this week. I know the babies are good because they are still making me nauseous & giving me heartburn.

It was great to see everyone we did see & to be able to spend some time with our families. Overall a good vacation & hopefully we will be able to come back down in a month for a baby shower, but that will depend on what the doctor says, they weren't too excited about me traveling this time...

I will write again & post more photos after my doctors appt this week.

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Warren, Donna's dad with his "Peter Warmer"


  1. Im glad that the scare was just that a scare and nothing to serious. Your belly is adorable! Im so very excited for you both.

  2. We were wondering what happened. Sorry we missed you two, but better to be safe than sorry. We will catch up to you down the line. Glad you have a great Christmas and vacation.
    Love ya's
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro



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