Sunday, January 30, 2011

17 Weeks Today, YAY!!!

Sorry about the lousy photos from my phone, but it's easier to take a photo of myself with than my big camera :)

17 Weeks

I wish I would have taken frontal shots before,
my belly is expanding sideways too :)

I am up a total of 11 pounds, that's another 4 pounds in the past 2 1/2 weeks :) My nausea has let up some, but I also have a prescription for it, so that I'm sure is helping a lot. Heartburn is another story, it is the most horrible thing, the doctor switched me from zantac to prilosec, and I don't want to jinx it, but I haven't had any heartburn for the past day or so :) I still have all the other not so nice to talk about symptoms, but I'm most happy to not have heartburn right now!! My energy level is getting a little better, I don't crash at noon anymore, now I can go until about 3 or so. It's getting hard to bend over now & I have to get Donna to help me with my shoes & socks, lol
I have a doctors appt & ultrasound on Wednesday & will post again then.


  1. SO cute! I am so excited for you and I love that you are posting this to share with your freinds!! My mom likes the updates too :)

  2. I love these pics....I am glad that the heartburn seems to be easing, hopefully that will stay that way.

  3. other than the baby bump, you haven't put on an ounce! Looking good :-)

  4. Love the baby bump! Prilosec rocks!! Ive been on it for a long while... never get heartburn anymore.... oh yeah and did you know heartburn due to pregnancy is a sign the babies will be born with lots of hair??

  5. Thank you ladies, you are good for a girls ego :)

    Also I do know heartburn is a sign of hair, they can have have all the hair they want & I hope it's thick & dark just like Donna's... as long as the heartburn stays gone :)

  6. Poor baby must be hairy babies for sure. Be good take care of yourself. LOV YA



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