Friday, January 7, 2011

First Trimester Photos & Ultrasounds

Total weight gained in first trimester is 4 pounds. It fluctuated up and down but in the end 4 lbs was the total. Enjoy the photos & ultrasounds...
7 weeks

8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

5 day old embryos that became our 3 babies

6 weeks 5 days... when we thought we were only having twins :)

Baby A, 8 weeks

Baby B, 8 weeks

SURPRISE!!! Baby C, 8 weeks

3D Ultrasound of all 3, 9 weeks 3 days

My favorite this far, All 3, 11 weeks 3 days

Baby A's back, 12 weeks 3 days

Baby A profile, 12 weeks 3 days

Baby B, 12 weeks 3 days

Baby C's face, 12 weeks 3 days


  1. Wow... this is fabulous. Do we know if they are girls or boys yet? (not that it matters)

  2. Thanks Pat, we don't know sexes yet.

  3. I love the posts! I now realize the cloth diapering, our story, etc. aren't actual posts=why I can't comment. My husband and I lost twins last summer at the very beginning of his 1-year deployment and we got pregnant with this little one (due soon!) the day he came home. I can appreciate your willingness to be open about your journey together and to grow your family. Congratulations on your beautiful family, can't wait to keep reading!



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