Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, I've decided to start a blog because I really love to share EVERYTHING with all my friends and family but, Donna does not wish to have all of our personal business all over Facebook, so this is a private blog.
After many years of planning and dreaming about having a family and 2 long years of "trying" we are finally here... having TRIPLETS!!!
I will spare you the gory details of fertility treatments & the loss of our frist pregnancy, if you are here, you know us, & you know how it all went.
I am so excited to finally be at this point, 12w & 4d pregnant. Our plan was/is to wait until New Years to tell everyone, but we couldn't contain our excitement so we have told some people. We are going home to FL this weekend (New Years) for a weeks vacation & we are planning on telling ALL of our friends then!!!
So this is where I will post photos of my already expanding belly and I will share some of our amazing ultrasound photos. I go every 2 weeks to see the doctor and have an ultrasound. Two of our babies are identical, they are sharing a placenta, which puts them at risk for "twin to twin transfusion." That is why we go so often... I have had no complications thus far and am hoping to have as minimal complications as possible with a triplet pregnancy :)
Well that's it for now, I will try to figure out how to get some photos uploaded and invite some friends to our blog and I will write again soon.


  1. I am so happy that we are finally able to go public! yipee!!!! Now I can be open about my obsession with babies Amando, and Amanda 2 and Amanda 3! Because they will be named after me! Even the little place kicker! Right? LOL

  2. I love the idea of this blog. I do have to admit that I have told Dan and Sandy, I couldn't keep it to my self any longer. I can't wait to see you and your expanding belly!

  3. Thanks Amanda, I don't know about the names, Amanda, Amanda2, & Amanda 3... lol. I'm so glad you were my first "follower" I think you were my first follower when we were kids :) Love you!

    Karin you are SOOOO bad!! I will go ahead and invite Sandy to the blog then, I can't believe you told, but I should have known, you are as bad as me!!
    By the way, click follow, above on the right & you will get emails when I post something new :)

  4. Congratulations Spring!! I'm so happy for you & Donna!

  5. Congrats Spring!! Im very happy for you! Can I have one since I cant have one of me own LOL (JK)

    Congrats!! xxoo

  6. Congrats Spring & Donna...
    So happy for you and glad that so far things are going so well! Wishing you the best always!

  7. Yea!!! We are so excited for you and Donna! Can't wait to see some pictures!

  8. Congrats! Aunt Ro and Aunt Pat will be following your progress...we will also be saying prayers that you and the babies stay healthy.
    Sea Ya Soon
    Luv Ya's

  9. I am so very excited for you both. I am also so happy that you are sharing all the information with us so we feel that we are part of this with you :)
    <3 to you all!

  10. Thank you all, xoxo

    Carrie, I'm sorry to hear that, there was a long time that I didn't think it was going to happen for me, but I switched doctors and moved on to IVF and here we are :) We had also started the adoption process, but with 3 I don't think we will need anymore :)

  11. Yay!!!!! Congratulations again Spring and Donna! I am so very excited for you! Lots of love and prayers headed your way!

  12. wow...A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!! I love the blog and all the pics. You are beautiful pregnant. Maybe when I go visit my son and his family in Asheboro this summer I can stop by and see you and meet Donna. Its been years since I have seen you and Im so blessed that we are in contact again.
    Try to rest as much as possible (hugs)



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