Thursday, May 4, 2017

Oh Well...

I have 7 drafts waiting to be finished & uploaded but I don't really have time for that right now.

I did want to write an update though because it's been a crazy, busy, chaotic few months!

So we are in the process of moving AGAIN!!! Definitely not my choice but...
Donna accepted a promotion. The position takes us back to Orlando. It's not a completely terrible thing. My bonus mom is there & Donna's parents are only about an hour away. The problem is, we really LOVE it here! I love the community, the proximity to everything & of course the home we built here. Also my sister is nearby & my mom & bonus dad are closer here than they will be to Orlando. This is the first place we've lived since having the boys that truly felt like home. So, while I'm happy to be moving closer to some family & friends, we are also leaving some family & friends. Bittersweet to say the least!

Donna is already working in Orlando. She started Feb 1st. The boys & I stayed behind to get the house on the market & for the boys to finish out the school year here. We gave them the option of transferring or finishing here & they wanted to stay with Ms Webber.
It's been hard being separated. We travel back & forth to Orlando most weekends so the house is free to be shown & we can all have some time together. The longer it's gone on, the harder it has gotten on the boys.

The house in under contract now & we will close in another week or so. The boys & I will finish out the last 2 weeks of school in a hotel on the beach. Not a bad deal really!
We are also under contract on a new house in Orlando & should be closing there around the end of the month.

It's really been a whirlwind of a time, getting everything ready here & there, meantime Donna is emersed in a new position, with 3 new stations. Our only saving grace is that she is able to stay with my bonus mom & she is taking great care of Donna!

That's it for now, I'll get caught up & post again probably once we are all back together again in Orlando...


  1. Change is the hardest thing. Especially with littles. It sounds like you are all building up some resiliency along the way though. Will this (hopefully) be THE move? Does the new position come with stability over an extended period of time? I think it does not matter when the children are younger but it does seem to start mattering when they hit middle school age and beyond. Then again, as long as the family stays together that is the most important when it comes to children. Best of luck on the house closing! A hotel at the beach for two weeks does not sound too bad, haha. We are probably going to be just missing each other when we are in FL next month. I am going to use all your tips though!!! We are probably taking a rest stop in your beloved community on the way back from our cruise :)

    1. This is THE move! Donna will not be looking for or taking any further promotions, especially if they involve moving! Our original deal when she was still teeter tottering on the idea of this promotion was to be someplace permanently by the time the boys started school. When we built our house she decided she didn't want the position & that we would settle down there... famous last words until your boss starts bugging you to take a position that involves said promotion :\
      Anyways... WE ARE NOT MOVING AGAIN!!!



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