Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodbye Baby Teeth...

Our baby is losing his baby teeth! Well if that doesn't concrete the idea of your child being a baby anymore, I don't know what would, lol...

About a week after the boys' first dentist visit, where the dentist didn't suspect they'd be losing their baby teeth anytime soon, Garren suddenly had a very wiggly tooth. He showed it to me at school so my first thought was that he or something hit his mouth but that sliver of a new tooth sneaking up behind his baby tooth provide different.

Garren's first wiggly tooth

It was only about a month before he had a second wiggly tooth. Luckily the other tooth from his first lost one was already in place when the second one finally, literally fell out. I'm not sure why he was so nervous to let Donna pull the second one out like she did the first when it was ready but he was & so one evening it just fell out & onto the floor. Darren realized it right away & picked it up so the Tooth Fairy could leave him a little something.

Darren's first grown up tooth & second lost tooth

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