Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello Again!


So it's been a while...

Who knew the boys starting school wouldn't give me a ton of free time but instead a busy schedule & somewhat of a life outside of my home?!

My intentions were not to stop blogging, quite tho opposite really but here I am 5 months later, finally sitting down at my computer, logged into blogger & on a holiday, so the boys are home destroying the family room with legos as I type...

Well, I think I left off with the boys getting ready to start kindergarten. They half half a school year under their belts now & are doing fantastic!!! Darren is the same girl obsessed social butterfly he has always been. Caden is only slightly shy anymore & LOVES his classmates & his teacher! Kellan is a totally different kid than he was last year! He LOVE LOVE LOVES his teacher & going to school (if you don't recall or are new here, he had to be peeled from my leg, screaming, every.single.day last year) This year I pull in to the car lane, open the door & away they all go happily. It's such a relief!

Meet the teacher day


One of the boys' school supplies...

First day of Kindergarten

Already loving their teacher




Academically the boys are doing great! They've gotten 2 report cards now & have all E's with the exception of S's in handwriting. I can't really complain about that. They are doing well conduct wise too.

Kellan had one little hang up at the very beginning of the year, he didn't like the noise in the car rider room at the end of the day. He's always been sensitive to certain sounds & the static of the walkie talkies was too much for him. He broke down in class one afternoon & told his teacher he couldn't go there anymore. My poor baby, she worked him through it but called me immediately after school to work out a plan. I had signed up to volunteer in the class already, so we worked out a schedule that would allow me to be there at the end of the day, making it possible for me to walk out with the boys instead of sitting in the car line waiting for them & them going to the car rider room. It's been a win/win/win for all of us.

Ms Webber's Birthday

Volunteering at the end of each day has made me room mom/party coordinator by default, lol... There are 2 other moms that volunteer too but one substitute teaches also & the other has 3 kids in 2 different schools so she rotates between them each week. They are my right hands when it come to parties though! I love the daily interaction with the boys' class this year & the constant feedback from their teacher, who's become a good friend. It has made me consider substitute teaching myself, but we will see what the coming year holds...

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