Wednesday, January 25, 2017

First Dentist Visit

In September the boys finally had their first dentist appointments.

I honestly did try to get them in long before they were 5 years old but the stars never aligned & everytime they had an appointment something would happen... they would be sick, Donna would have a work thing she couldn't get out of, a family emergency... As it turned out, Donna got tied up at  work during this appointment but I decided to bite the bullet & took them by myself. I take the boys to many of their appointment on my own but I was hoping for back-up since this was their first time at the dentist.

The boys actually all did really well. The dentist office staff were amazing & incredibly patient. Everyone was a bit resistant but eventually came around without being pressured. The staff let them hang out for a bit, walk around & see what everyone else was having done & gently encouraged them to give it a try when they asked questions. It was an awesome experience! All 3 boys ended up having exams & even got x-rays.




The results were all good, no cavities! The dentist said he could see the next set of teeth descending but that their baby teeth roots were still intact so he didn't think they'd start loosing teeth anytime soon. Garren will eventually need braces for his overbite, I inquired about his thumb sucking since he does it when he sleeps. The dentist said to let it run it's course, he'll quit eventually on his own. He recommended praising Garren when we notice him doing it less but not to pressure him to stop.

The boys were super excited about the goody bags they were given & are excited to go back in March!

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