Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Soccer - Fall 2016

The boys decided to give an actual soccer team a try. They had played for a noncompetitive group at their school last year. They had the skills down & were ready to put them to use on a team.

 They were hit & miss with their feelings about practices but absolutely loved playing games!

Kellan started the season a bit slow, he wasn't sure about the physical contact required to get in there & take the ball. He got the hang of it though & started scoring some goals!

Caden was totally into it too but there was a little girl on their team & if she was playing the same time as him he just ran interference for her & made sure no one ran into her or knocked her down. He mostly just wanted to run anyways & didn't care much about the ball or scoring.

Garren was really into it in the beginning & did well keeping up with the ball & scoring, his love of the game was short lived though & he decided he didn't like running all the time. We asked him at one point if he was having fun playing soccer, he answered "No but I'm really good at it so my team needs me." LOL!!! At least he realized his commitment & carried through with it, lol.

All 3 of the boys did finish the season. Our only request is to give whatever they decide to try one entire season before deciding if they like it or not.

After the season ended we asked who wanted to sign up for the spring season. Kellan was the only one that wanted to play again. Garren wanted to sign back up for T-ball & Caden is holding out for football.

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