Thursday, November 5, 2015

School Pictures - VPK

School pictures are what they are, right??? LOL...

The boys school sent home a flyer with a fantastic sample spread on it! I was actually kind of excited about the Christmas pics they were going to do (hence the red vests) Long story short, they didn't do the Christmas prop/theme photos & the fancy dance backdrop they used was nice but the boys were posed all kinds of weird. These photos are the best of the school photos, I'm pretty smitten with them... once I came around to the fact that they are posed photos :)

VPK, 4.5 years old




They did take a group photo of the boys too, but the boys did not look thrilled in the slighted to be having the picture taken, so it was a no go. I returned it already or I would scan it just for fun, lol :D

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh the one of Garren! That is a "to be pulled out when the future significant other" comes over for dinner" picture if I ever saw one! LOL! They are all adorable!

    PS: You should join in on the November photo challenge that we are doing, hint hint ;)



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