Monday, December 1, 2014

First Room Complete... Mostly

Once we had all of our essentials unpacked & in place we turned our focus to getting the kitchen, family & living rooms ready for hosting a holiday. We painted the walls, tiled the backsplash, added cabinet handles, replaced light fixtures, hung curtains & got pictures on the walls. We also got a new sectional for the family room & a kitchen table.

I tried to clean up & get pictures of everything all nice & neat but like usual I'd get one area cleaned up & there would be a new mess somewhere else, so here are some real life photos of the space in a bit of a 360 degree view...

Breakfast nook, complete with popcorn spread out on the new kitchen table :)

A little play area for the boys

The kitchen with a few cabinets handles & new backsplash, oh & lots of tangerines, lol...

A very fuzzy picture of the family room & new sectional

TV view & our lop sided Christmas tree, the cats cannot stay out of it

I love how the the room(s) turned out. The teal walls are much darker than Donna & I would have probably chosen originally but the curtains helped us along in color selection & I am a teal junkie!

Here are some of my favorite details...

Love this!

I've already said this is my favorite light!

I had this family photo printed on metal, LOVE it!

These curtains made me change my mind about wallpaper I had my heart set on for months!

A framed collage of each of our beautiful boys <3
More photos are on the way

The backsplash up close :)

We still have more pictures to hang, the rest of the cabinet handles to put on & the backsplash to grout but I think it's a good jump start on the house.


  1. I adore that backsplash! Such gorgeous colours. I'm a total teal junkie as well, when Gab and I got our own place the thing I was saddest about leaving at my parents house was my tael bedroom feature wall ;)



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