Sunday, August 17, 2014

12 Weeks In; It's A House!

After getting a text message Monday with the photo of the framing of the house going up I was incredibly anxious to see the house again. I couldn't hold out until Saturday, the boys & I snuck down to sneak a peek of the house on Thursday. This is what we saw...

After we saw the house we went out to Amelia Island to check out the playgrounds & beaches, the boys approved!





We headed back down yesterday with Donna this time. The house is completely framed up & even has tar paper on the roof. The contractor said they have a little bit to finish on Monday & the plumbers showed up while we were there to connect the plumbing from the street (city) to the house. 

view from the frnt door
family room
backyard to the left
backyard to the right
master bedroom
front bedroom
boys checking out the view
the garage
the plumbers 
Garren using giant bolts as drumsticks
Caden showing Thomas around
Kellan using a bold as a microphone
It was a very exciting week watching the house actually go up. The boys even ask to go see the new house now. They tell random people they are building a new house when we are out. It's really cute & I can't wait to see how excited they are when the house is done & we get to move in!

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