Tuesday, August 12, 2014

11 Weeks In; Howdy Neighbor

We headed down to check out the progress on our house Friday, a day too soon once again. There was a lot more building material on site, it looked like basically everything to frame up the house. The house next door was up & looking good so we guessed this coming week ours would go up.

While we were there we did meet the building 'super' The guy in charge of getting all the houses built :) We also met our neighbors to the left. They seem like a nice motorcycle riding couple. Donna will cry a little every time she hears them come home, poor thing (she sold her bike when we got pregnant) they don't have any young kids but told us all about everyone on the street that did. I'm excited for the boys to have little neighborhood friends & there seems to be a few right about their age close by :)

We got a text from the sales guy Monday that framing had begun! :)

We are super excited to see what the house looks like this weekend!!!

1 comment:

  1. We love playing with the neighborhood kids and I'm glad your boys will soon have some new friends! House is looking good :)



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