Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

The week of Mother's Day is a busy one for Donna at work, so much so that they actually deliver packages (flowers) on Sunday/Mother's Day. So Donna had to work both Saturday & Sunday since it was a holiday & she had couriers out on a day they normally wouldn't be.

Despite Donna having to work, we had a great Mother's Day. 

Donna, myself & the boys had a nice lunch out on Saturday & Donna surprised me with a necklace.

My dad gave me a charm for my pandora bracelet for my birthday last year, I'd been wanting to get a necklace for a while to wear the charm on. I had necklaces but none sturdy enough for a heavier charm or that would stand up to a tug by one of the boys. The necklace Donna gave me is a very sturdy & very childproof necklace, now I can have a piece of my dad with me always.
I also LOVE the surprise behind the necklace & that Donna thought of it herself & I didn't say "this is what I want" & know what it was while opening it. Not that there is anything wrong with those gifts either, I just love the thoughtfulness behind the necklace. 

We spent Sunday evening with my mom & bonus dad who came to our place for dinner, well actually breakfast but at dinner time. Donna requested breakfast for Mother's Day dinner, maybe it was her way of getting a Mother's Day brunch since she had to work that morning. We have a nice visit with my parents & the boys are always excited to see grandma & grandpa!

Hope all of the wonderful moms out there in blog land had a good Mother's Day too!

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