Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Wednesday April 30th was my bonus mom, Marie's birthday. I know for me celebrating the boys' & I birthday without my dad was hard. I knew it would be hard for Marie too so I asked if she had any plans & when she said no I asked if she'd want to drive up to Jacksonville & meet us at the Zoo for the day. I invited my sister too along with Chandler & Nadia (nephew & niece) 

The boys started the day chanting "go see grandma" or memaw as Kellan has been saying. Garren had been asking to go to the zoo since the Sunday before so our timing was good :) I had some errands to run Wednesday morning before we could get on the road. Once we were on the highway Garren kept saying "we're on our way grandma..." 

 A Red Wolf, my dads favorite

We got to the zoo before anyone else so we headed in & Looked around at some of the "Florida Wildlife" since we are from Florida we usually skip that area but it is closest to the entrance so we hung out there.

The boys were excited to see Chandler, Caden was hugging & kissing him, lol...

Chandler, G, C, & K

A few of the boys' favorites

Chandler, Nadia & Aunt Autumn

It wasn't too long before My sister, Autumn arrived with her kiddos & Marie was right behind her. Most of the boys just wanted to go play in the splash area so we visited the animals that were on the way to it & then let the boys SPLASH!!!

Chandler, G & C running through the sprayers

Kellan hung out with the Manatee, another of my dads favorites :)

After the boys splashed for a while we went to have lunch. Autumn picked up a cupcake arrangement for desert & we tried to get the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Grandma.

No picture of grandma, my phone crashed & burned the next day & I lost the few photos I took on my phone instead of with my camera but here's her cake

We walked around visiting more animals after lunch & called it a day about 2:30 when the boys couldn't handle anymore & needed a nap 

Mommys' favorite

These cheetah cubs were tiny when we were here just a few weeks ago.

 All the boys love to see the train go by all over the zoo.

Grandma said she had a good day & we all had a great time seeing & playing with her!

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