Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Friends & Family Weekend

We headed back down to Marie, my bonus mom's last Wednesday. Donnas parents were getting ready to head to NY for the summer & some very special friends were celebrating their 3rd birthday. We planned a few days so that we could see Donna's parents one last time before they left, spend some time with Marie & celebrate with our friends.

Fun in the sprinkler at Grandma & Grandpa Tilyou's

Mom Mom showing the boys how its done, lol...

Garren loving it!

Caden too!

Kellan preferred to help wash the love bugs off the van

We spent Thursday & Friday visiting Donna's parents & spending time with Marie. Saturday we headed down to Tampa to celebrate my friend Jennifer's triplets birthday. They are just 2.5 weeks younger than the boys, Jennifer & I have been friends since we were pregnant. The party was a lot of fun! It was at an indoor play place, the kids all just ran & played & the adults could just sit & watch without fear that someone would break something (like in someones home) or that one would get away, lol... 
It was great to see Jennifer & her family in person again, we talk/text everyday so it's nice to have some face time every once in a while.

SO much fun to be had!!!

Garren with some trains

Kellan & Caden driving cars

Attempting a group shot of all the kids at the birthday party

Kellan (he always eats his pizza backwards) Caden & Garren

The Birthday Trio, Marissa, Makayla & Jack (I hope I got the girls right???)

TWO sets of Triplets at one table :)

The boys went to sleep late every night that we were there even when we got them in bed on time, they fought going to sleep until 10 each night but of course they were up bright & early each morning & extra early on Sunday! Since Donna knew she'd be exhausted by the afternoon we decided to go ahead & pack up to head home after breakfast. 

Donna's parents arrived safely in NY Sunday afternoon. We usually plan a trip up mid-summer so we should see them in just a couple months.

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  1. Thank you all so much for coming to the party!! Can't wait to see everyone again.



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