Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 Year Old Check-Up

The boys had their 3 year check-up last week. Over the past year & a half they have really grown to love their doctor & the nurses. When we arrive at the doctors office, they go nuts! They cannot contain their excitement & start bouncing off the walls, or more like the chairs. They run circles in the waiting room & when the reception staff looks, they start showing off in other ways, jumping, singing, dancing. I've honestly never seen them as crazy acting as when we go to the doctor. They don't act that way when we go to the speech therapist office, thankfully! I'd probably lose my mind if they did that every week! Luckily Donna was able to take a little time off work & come to the doctor with us this time & I didn't feel like a crazy woman trying to keep the boys all under control.

Once we are called back they are calmer (sometimes) they hug & kiss their nurse & climb in Dr J's lap & hold her hand. It is quite sweet that they know & love them so much!

Stats from their 3 year check-up are...

Caden; 36lbs (86th%) 40" tall (94th%) & a BMI of 15.8 (44th%)

Kellan; 36lbs (86th%) 39.5" tall (90th%) & a BMI of 16.2 (58th%)

Garren; 30.5lbs (36th%) 38.5" tall (63rd%) & a BMI of 14.9 (14th%)

The boys gained about 5lbs & grown between 4 & 5" each over the past year.

The doctor is happy with each of their sizes, none are under or over weight, just perfectly healthy!

They also had their blood pressure checked this time, I don't remember the exact numbers but they were all good.

The boys are meeting all of their milestones with the exception of a couple language things but that's an issue we are already addressing with speech therapy.

I asked the doctor about Caden & Kellans vision. I've noticed them squinting a lot & holding books close to their faces. She said its completely normal & that kids vision is usually bad in the early years, they don't really check it until age 5 when it should mature & be better. 

I also inquired about their heads. We moved right when they were released from their helmets & never had any follow up or closure really. Dr J is referring us to a specialist in Savannah just to have them checked out & make sure there is nothing else we need to be doing.


  1. Great news all around!! And it's crazy that one little inch can make such a huge difference in percentiles. Doesn't really make sense but I am glad they are doing so well :) I had all of my kids eyes checked at age 2. She said most kids are near sighted for a while but there are still ways for them to test their vision even at a very young age.

  2. Do you ever notice them crossing their eyes? That is what our eye doctor told us to watch for. That is when he suggested glasses. My kids were always followed by an eye doctor. If you have any concerns I would take them to get checked. If there is an issue the sooner it is addressed the better. Not that I am saying to go against what your pedi said, but just wanted to give you what we hear from our specialists.

    1. Thanks Dawn, I'm going to look into getting them checked out anyways, to rule out any of the common preemie problems & just for peace of MY mind :)

  3. Sounds like they're all doing really well! I also agree that you should trust your gut on the eye stuff. I was lucky to have my parents notice that my eyes didn't look quite right when I was about 2. I had to wear a patch and get glasses. Had they not taken me when they did, within 1-2 years, I would have been blind in my right eye. All is well now though and my vision is great with contacts or glasses. As a result, the girls have an appointment with an eye doctor next week actually. I'd rather be safe than sorry :)



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