Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

We didn't have anything big planned for our long weekend. I started out feeling a bit nostalgic... Last year my dad & Marie were here, we played at the beach & took the boys to the pool & went to the zoo. It was a great weekend & I'm glad I have good memories like that of my dad. The busy-ness that was our weekend eventually took over & a great weekend ensued...

Friday evening we found ourselves with an important appointment in Jacksonville on Saturday, we couldn't take the boys so quickly called my sister to see if they had plans, they didn't & agreed to watch the boys for us. We have left the boys a couple times but usually after they were already in bed asleep at night or during a nap, we have never taken them someplace else & dropped them off. We really didn't have time to dwell on it & just did it.

We arrived at my sisters & her & my brother run law had their bounce house set up outside for the boys & my nephew to play in. We waited until they were playing & slipped out one at a time. They never even noticed. They had a great time playing with their cousins, first in the bounce house, then playing in the water. They cleaned up in the shower & ate a good lunch for Aunt Autumn & Uncle Steven, they even went right down for a nap & slept for 2 hours. aunt Autumn said they were very well behaved. Kellan got a little emotional every once in a while but an extra hug from Uncle Steven made everything ok again. I am so happy that they did so well!!!

Caden / Garren, playing in the bounce house

Garren, Kellan, Chandler & Caden

5 kids, 3 & under! / The boys, C, K, G.

Garren & Chandler taking a drink break

Chandler, Kellan, Garren / Nadia / Caden

Caden, Garren & Kellan

Donna & I were able to make it to our appointment & even have a nice lunch out afterwards with no kids!!! 

Sunday we went to my mom & bonus dads for a cookout. The weather was questionable, thundering all day with dark clouds rolling in & out. The boys got in some tractor rides with Papa before we headed inside. We ate & since it wasn't raining... yet... We let the boys play in the kiddie pool for a little bit before the thunder started up again. 

Caden & Papa

Kellan & Papa

Garren & Papa

K, G, C

Monday, Memorial Day is a pretty emotional day for much of my family. My cousin was killed in action in Afghanistan almost 3 years ago, so we remembered him & all the other service men & women who had given their lives.

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