Sunday, February 6, 2011


Apparently I have forgotten to mention...

I can no longer travel :(

When we got back from Florida and our scare while we were there, I went in for my doctor here to check everything out. Everything was fine, but I still had some spotting so they wanted me to stay close to home just in case. At each appointment since then we have asked about traveling back to FL, but the doctor kind of himmed & hawed about it without a clear answer. At my last appointment we asked again and got a strait NO! Even though I am not having any problems now, I am far enough along that they are concerned about pre-term labor. If it were to happen and we were away from home, I may end up stuck in a hospital someplace between here & FL with God only knows who as a doctor.

Unfortunately that means there will be no Baby Shower :(


  1. I'ts better to safe than sorry, you can have a post baby show. LOV YA

  2. We can have an online babyshower!!!

  3. I am not surprised that they are limiting your travel, makes sense. We will just have to wait until all 5 of you can travel and then have a baby shower.

    That way you can open gifts and we can play with babies. I think it is a great plan.

  4. I have no problem making the trip up :)

  5. Aww, you are so sweet & you are welcome to come anytime!!! I would love for everyone to come here, but I think it's too much to ask. Donna want to have a "Meet the Triplets" party or shower down there once the boys can travel. So we'll still do something, it will just be later & the babies will just be there too :)

  6. Not a problem. We want you and the boys to be healthy and have a great out ocme. There is plenty of time for celebrating AFTER the boys are born.
    Love Ya all
    Aunt Ro & Aunt Pat



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