Friday, February 18, 2011

19 Week Growth Scan

We went yesterday to have the babies checked out, they are all doing great!!! They are growing good. I thought as they got bigger they would be easier to see, but as the tech said and we noticed, they are getting harder to photograph, 1 because they are getting crowded and 2 there are body parts everywhere, lol. Baby A is up to 12 ounces, Baby B is also 12 ounces, and Baby C is 13 ounces. The doctor was very happy with their growth. They have been able to get a look at almost all the organs on each of the babies and they all look good too. It's hard to see some things on Baby C because he is in the middle and the tech can't always get the right angle to see him from all sides, so I think they are still trying to get a better look at him.

The past few visits they've also been checking and measuring my cervix. It started out at greater than 5cm which is REALLY good, two weeks ago it was about the same, this week it was greater than 4cm. 4cm would also still be considered good (if thats what if had started out at) but since it is showing change and getting shorter they are keeping an eye on it weekly, If it keeps getting shorter it could mean pre-term labor :(  I'll get checked again next week and the doctor & nurse told me the signs to look for and that if I have any of them to go immediately to the hospital. So now we are a little nervous, but the doctors are at least aware of the situation and are watching it and are ready to take the nessesary steps to stop or prevent pre-term labor when needed.

Well here are a few photos of the boys... like I said they are getting harder to photograph

Baby A facing the camera

Baby B, I think it's the side of his head,
he has a hand above his head and of course his body and leg & knee

Baby C, side profile of his pretty little head & body and arm,
I'm not sure if that is his leg in front of him or one of his brothers?


  1. Keep me posted, I'll be praying more and still. GOD Got your back

  2. Glad the babies are all doing well. Try not to be up on your feet too much. Keep legs up and resting. I know it's not always that easy but it will be worth it.
    Bless you xoxo

  3. Glad you and the boys are doing good. Thanks for the updates.

  4. Put yourself on bedrest... seriously... only get up when necessary. :)

  5. It's so great to follow along with you and the boys' progress! Keep taking care of yourself!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Becky, I am on bedrest now, Donna's orders, lol... I only get up for food & bathroom activities :)



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