Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pre-K This & That's

  • One of the boys' classmate's dad is a triplet. I met him at the Open House before school started & he seemed to just feel sorry for us, lol...

  • The boys also have a little girl in their class with the same name as their Aunt 'Autumn.' They think that is so funny!

  • The school provides lunch! Free! How awesome is that?! I didn't know & I packed lunches the first day. That's when I was informed that they provided lunch & that if I wanted them to have something different I had to get approval from the director. I'm down with free lunches made & served by someone other than myself! LOL

  • New phrase #1 picked up from school: "That's so RUDE!"

  • I got another student's classwork by accident the other day, he/she is not participating in class work either. I feel better knowing it's not just our boys.

  • Caden told me his friend, Brandon cries in class for his mommy. That also makes me feel better knowing the boys are not alone in their emotional state.

  • New phrase #2 picked up from school: "That's not fair!"

  • New phrase #3: "You hurt my feelings!"

  • While chit chatting with the boys' teacher one afternoon I mentioned that I'm still a SAHM & that if she ever needed help with activities or projects that I'd be happy to help. She looked at the boys as they spun circles around me & responded "We'll let you rest." LOL!!! She then said that she would sign me up as the 'brownie mom.' I get to make brownies for their special event days. Donna loves the idea & now thinks that every Friday should be brownie day at home. lol

  • New phrase #4 & by far my least favorite: "I don't like you"

  • It took the boys exactly 24 days (of the 28 day adjustment period given) to adjust to their new routine. Friday Kellan woke up & said to me "I'm going to say goodbye to you today" I asked if that meant he wasn't going to cry. He answered "nope, when it gets light outside I'm going to put my clothes on & go to school, I'm going to write my name & I'm going to tell you goodbye." He did exactly that. I feared it wouldn't last through the long weekend but Monday he asked if they were going to school again, I told him "tomorrow." He told me again that he was going to tell me goodbye... and he did.  I was pretty sure that Garren & Caden were feeding off of Kellan's anxiety over being dropped off, neither of them have had any tears since Kellan stopped crying, YAY!

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