Monday, September 21, 2015

Summer Bucket List Wrap-up

Well, my original Summer Bucket List post is MIA. I don't quite understand where some posts disappear too but anyways...

The last thing we had left to do on our SBL was landscaping & it's still a work in progress. Between the heat & the rain we've had very little time to actually get anything completely done. I had however accumulated several plants & a couple trees that we were going to use & reached a point of just having to get them into the ground. So one afternoon I posted on our neighborhood fb page that I had 9 free shrubs for the first person to show up with shovels & dig them up. Strangely it worked & within an hour a lady showed up with her teenaged children & they happily dug up the shrubs & hauled them off to their house, which left me with perfect holes to place our new plants in. It made my part rather easy & quick. I was able to pop all the plants in, in just that evening & put finishing touches on them the next morning. We have not had a chance to put in edging or stones yet though.

The hibiscus I just about killed

We kind of have the same scenario going on in the back yard... a collection of plants & trees we'd like to plant but the rain is keeping us from doing much about it. I did however transplant some of the plants that needed more space into bigger pots for the time being.

Our favorite, the purple passion flower

That completes our 2015 Summer Bucket List, I'll post an update when we actually get the landscaping finished.

So, is anyone considering an Autumn bucket list? I feel like now that the boys are in school I need a list to fit everything in or at least to remember everything :)

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  1. Loving that hibiscus! So pretty.

    An autumn bucket list? Hmmm, I think a few years ago that blog land did a challenge similar. I agree that it makes it easier to keep track of things, especially if one has triplets! Hope school is going great for the boys (and moms!!)



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