Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pre-K, Here We Come!!!

Look out world... Ok maybe just look out Pre-Kindergarten, here come our boys!!!

We have talked up school for a while now. I took the boys with me when I toured schools & they've watched lots of Caillou & Daniel Tiger episodes about starting & going to school. Kellan is ready to go & be dropped off, Caden says he's ready, Garren wants to go but wants us to stay while he's there, lol... It will be interesting to see how the first day goes.

While in Charleston we took the boys to pick out new tennis shoes. Garren as always was very eager to pick out shoes, the boy loves him some shoes & picked a pair to make quite the statement! Caden went back & forth between a couple pair & ended up getting the ones that fit the best. Kellan was actually uninterested in shoes that day, he did choose a pair but when they didn't fit & they didn't have a bigger size, he was done. He has yet to pick a pair but we have a few days left before school starts.

Initially the boys didn't want new backpacks, they were happy with the little monkey backpacks they had. They were quick to pick lunchboxes & accessories but it wasn't until one day while we were in target when they saw a kid walk by wearing a new backpack, with a matching lunchbox in hand that they decided they wanted new backpacks too, lol... So we picked out new backpacks.

Kellan & Garren chose Spider-man & Caden chose the Avengers

Minion lunch boxes all around

Is it me or are our kids the only ones that don't have matching lunch boxes & backpacks?

Caden decided a few weeks ago that he would get his hair cut at a barber again. He looked like he would burst into tears at any moment but he did really well & came out with the cutest haircut. He was able to convince Kellan to give it a try this time & Garren was on board too right up until we got there. Garren took a little convincing from everyone, Donna & I, his brothers & 2 stylists before he finally climbed into a chair. In the end they all did great & got super cute haircuts.




The end result, Kellan, Garren & Caden

We had the boys open house last night & met their teacher & assistant teacher. How chaotic though! It was so busy, crowded & loud. The teacher assistant approached me with papers & a folder & gave me some instruction but it was hard to get to the teacher & it was even more difficult to get through the classroom due to all the kids plus the parents. The boys played with some of their classmates & seemed to like their classroom. They kept leaving the room though saying it was too loud but when we decided it was time to go they really didn't want to leave.

Supplies x3, it seemed like so much stuff when I was shopping but doesn't look like so much divided into 3.

In each bag:
  • A Poly-folder
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Box of tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Pencil box
  • Pencils
  • 2 boxes of Crayons
  • 2 boxes of Markers
  • 4 glue sticks
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • $7

I think we are ready, am I forgetting or missing anything? Any tips for drop off on the first day?

I'm super excited but really nervous. I'm looking forward to having 3 quiet hours each morning but hope I did a good enough job with the boys that they won't be complete handfuls. I know they are polite, courteous & smart but they are also wild, loud & rambunctious. This will be their first experience in a structured class.

Wednesday is the first day of school for us, keep us in your thoughts & pray I don't bawl like a baby, lol...


  1. Good luck with preschool. All three of mine loved preschool but drop off was really hard for Libby. It is so hard but if any of the boys have a hard time try really hard to keep it together when you are with them - cry when you get to the car :) I don't remember for sure if you do oils but I'm thinking you might. Valor helped Libby a lot and Peace and Calming diffused if it is a really hard/tired morning. Just keep talking up school and I am sure they will do great. All the teachers said Libby was completely fine once I was gone for a little bit but it was the initial separation that was hard for her. She would also say she wanted me to stay just like Garren did.

    1. We do use oils! Thanks for the reminder & suggestions. I only use vetiver on them but I think I will pair it up with valor & see if that makes the transition any easier, on myself also :) Their reactions so far have been completely opposite of what I would have expected based on their typical personalities, it's so interesting to me. I know they will love it once they get use to going & the structure will be good for all of us.



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