Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Triplet Besties

Last week my friend Jen, her triplets & their big sister came to spend a few days with us. I was beyond excited to see Jen & her kiddos. The boys were absolutely thrilled to have a house full of friends for a few days!!!

The day they arrived the kids played, swam, & played some more. It was like they play together everyday, although we hadn't seen each other in a year. Everyone got along really well, some too well, lol...

Garren, Makayla, Marley, Caden, Marissa, Jack & Kellan

Caden, Marissa, & Jack

Popsicles in the pool, the boys all had to taste Makayla's

Garren & Marley


I thought getting 3 kids to the table for dinner was a challenge, lol

and this is what I meant by some got along too well... Garren & Makayla

Caden & Jack

Garren & Makayla again

Marissa, Kellan & Garren

Marley, Kellan, Jack, Caden, & umm... Garren & Makayla

The next day we headed to the beach. Everyone had so much fun playing in the waves & the sand.

Makayla, Caden & Marissa

Kellan, Marissa, Jack & Garren

Car swapping, Makayla, Marley, Caden & Garren

The following day we took it easy around the house in the morning & then headed to the boys favorite restaurant so they could show their friends the Pirate Ship. After we ate & everyone played a while we took a little walk through the historic downtown area & to the marina.

Checking out the pirate

Makayla & Garren AGAIN!

Checking out the boats

Trying to get a better look at the capsized shrimp boat

Donna thought she could escape the chaos, LOL!!!

The whole gang, Marissa, Makayla, Jack, Garren, Marley, Kellan, Jen, Caden & even Haddie

Saying goodbye was hard for all of us, we enjoyed the company & catching up. Also seeing all our munchkins together. I know I've mentioned it before but Jen & I met online when we were both pregnant with our trios. We had our babies just 18 days apart. We spent many a sleepless night chatting on fb while feeding one baby after the other. We kept each other sane, knowing that we weren't alone in having triplet infants.

Kellan & Makayla giving hugs & kisses

and of course these two, Makayla & Garren.

Our visit was so fun & seeing the boys' personalities come out with others is always a treat. Garren & Makayla's infatuation with each other was a little shocking, lol... but Kellan surprised me too when he announced to Marley "I have a kiss for you!" Marley resisted but Kellan finally caught her with her guard down in the pool & planted one on her, lol... Caden talked more to his friends this week than I think I have ever seen him talk before.

I can't wait until we can all get together again!!!


  1. We all had so much fun!!! They are still talking about the boys. And the dogs. Haha. Thank you so much for having us!! I can't wait to get together again :)

    1. lol... I didn't mention the 'love' of the dogs.
      Kellan asked tonight "are my friends on their way back to see me again?"

  2. Makayla and Garren, swoon! LOL! So adorable! I cannot imagine spending the day with two sets (and it seemed +1 older sib?) of triplets! You parents of multiples are brave, hahaha! Cute meal plates, where are they from? Can never go wrong with a toddler friendly sections plate.

    1. Made me think I didn't mention Marley, the big sister. I double checked & I did, I would have felt so bad if not.
      You wouldn't consider hosting 7 kids in your house for 3 or 4 days??? LOL, the kids LOVED it & were actually very well behaved :)
      The plates are Re-Play, made from recycled milk jugs :) http://re-play.com/ We've had them for a few years now & they are great!

  3. that is too cute! Garren definitely has himself his first girlfriend :)



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