Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SBL #1 & 10 - Gardening

1.  Build upcycled planter boxes

When we first moved into our house, there were 4 houses under construction across the street. I was able to collect a few pallets from them to build some upcycled planter boxes. I have only built this one so far but I will get a couple more built eventually...


10. Grow our own vegetables

I decided to start small this year with just a few veggies we eat a lot of, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, spaghetti squash. Unfortunately the tomatoes never took off. I started everything from seed & think next year we may buy plants instead. I had one squash vine that really took off, it grew longer & longer & had blooms galore but has yet to produce anything. My cucumber was slow to start, it finally took off & has also bloomed like crazy. It's only given us 2 cucumbers though. The lettuce was my saving grace, the only thing that flourished & supplied us with lots of salad.


The boys tried their hands at planting sunflowers along our fence, they did pretty well :)

Early squash bloom


When we got back from Charleston, my cucumber & spaghetti squash vines were withering. I went out to find lots of squash bugs, mostly on our sunflowers but they had obviously had their way with the vines. I cut back the sunflowers that had already bloomed, trimmed up the dead part of the vines & spread diatomaceous earth liberally. That seemed to do the trick & the vines are putting on some new growth. I don't know that we will get anything this late in the game but I'm holding out hope for some squash.

I'm checking build upcycled planter box & grow our own veggies off of our Summer Bucket List :)


  1. That up cycled box is impressive! Our sunflowers are yet to turn into sunflowers. I'm starting to wonder if we planted weed seeds lol. We are yet to try lettuce, I wonder how it would fair in our part of the country?! We eat so much salad though so maybe next year will have to try a batch. Funny, we have a tomato vine or two from last year that we have not touched and it refuses to die. Just keeps producing baby Roma tomatoes that the kids pluck off and eat when playing outside, haha!

  2. Isn't gardening so much fun?! Our tomatoes didn't take off this year either, which was a bummer. I think it may have been because we waited to long to plant but who knows. The planter box looks awesome!



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