Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mall Fun

A couple weeks ago Donna noticed the boys were trying to wear sandals that were too small, she told then thy needed new sandals & Caden immediately said "dinosaur crocs with lights"
It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about & finally remembered that they had seen light up dinosaur crocs at a store in Savannah several weeks prior. I looked for them online but they were discontinued & I couldn't find anyone with their size let alone 3 pair :/
Caden didn't drop it though, the next day he asked if we were going to get dinosaur crocs with lights, at first I thought we'd drive up & just see if they still had them, maybe convince them to pick something else if not. Then I though, be smart & call... low & behold they not only had their size but they had 3! So we made the 2 hour drive to Savannah for "dinosaur crocs with light." I mean how do you not when your child remembers so specifically & the store actually has 3 pair in the right size?!?

"Dinosaur crocs with lights"

Well since we were there we went ahead & made an afternoon out of it, We did a little more shopping, played at the mall playground, & finally let the boys jump on the bungy/trampoline thing they'd seen several times before. 

They've asked the last few times they have seen these things at the mall but we weren't sure they were big/old enough & there was always a line. This time there was no line & the mall was rather empty so we gave it a go. Much to our surprise, Kellan the most apprehensive of the 3 wanted to go first! Garren, who is normally a little daredevil second guessed going. We though once he saw his brothers go he would want to, he wavered back & forth but ultimately he chose NOT to try it. Caden & Kellan both LOVED it, Kellan actually took Garrens turn also & the man running it graciously gave Caden a little extra time as well




  1. Yea, Kris is totally the type that would drive two hours for a specific pair of shoes, lol. We've seen that bungee thing a few times and thankfully no one has asked yet as I'm not sure my nerves could handle it. Your guys look like they ROCKED IT!!! But what is up with no pics of these coveted dinosaur crocs with lights?! *heads to google to do a search*

    1. Complete oversight on my part, I didn't realize the photo didn't upload. That's what i get for blogging in the middle of the night, lol
      Photo is now added :)



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