Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SBL #9 - Water Park!

The boys swim lessons happened to be at a water playground. I had a sneaking suspicion that after lessons we were not going to be able to leave without playing for a bit first & I was right. After checking out the admission prices, I went ahead & got a season pass, it paid for itself in just the week we were there for swim lessons.   

The boys were super excited to get in there, under all that water but when the giant bucket tipped over & dumped a bagillian gallons of water on their heads, they were done! Not much for surprises these boys & they were totally freaked out. We regrouped in the lazy river for a while & then had lunch but they weren't ready to head back into the splash zone that day.

With a little lying coaxing they tried it out again the next day & LOVED it! I may or may not have said I saw their favorite little girlfriend at the top of the slides? lol... The boys did stear clear of the giant bucket dumping side  of the playground though.




The playground had controls all over it so the kids could control the sprayers, they loved turning them real low & then quickly turning them full blast again when someone would walk by.

Sliding bloopers are my favorite! The place was obviously pretty wet so I didn't get many great photos inside the play area, mostly just blurry lens & giant water drops. Surprisingly the boys favored the lazy river over the playground, not that they floated on a tube at all. They did practice their swimming moves though around & around the river.

We're checking Water Park off our Summer Bucket List! :)

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  1. That park looks amazing! Little Monster would be right next to those controls and buttons the entire time! Yep, sliding bloopers are the best.



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